HTTP Connection

The HTTP connection enables connections to HTTP services.

Authenticating with HTTP

Login and Password authentication can be used along with any authentication method using headers. Headers can be given in json format in the Extras field.

Default Connection IDs

The HTTP operators and hooks use http_default by default.

Configuring the Connection

Login (optional)

Specify the login for the http service you would like to connect too.

Password (optional)

Specify the password for the http service you would like to connect too.

Host (optional)

Specify the entire url or the base of the url for the service.

Port (optional)

Specify a port number if applicable.

Schema (optional)

Specify the service type etc: http/https.

Extras (optional)

Specify headers and default requests parameters in json format. Following default requests parameters are taken into account:

  • stream

  • cert

  • proxies or proxy

  • verify or verify_ssl

  • allow_redirects

  • max_redirects

When specifying the connection in environment variable you should specify it using URI syntax.

Note that all components of the URI should be URL-encoded.

For example:


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