Vault Connection

The Vault connection type enables integrations with the Hashicorp vault client.

Default Connection IDs

Hooks related to Vault use vault_default by default.

Configuring the Connection

Host (required)

The host to connect to.


Vault mount point. Default value is secret


Required when used ldap or userpass auth types, and you can use it to pass the username for token auth type and the role id for approle and aws_iam auth type.


Required when used ldap, userpass or token.


The port of the Vault host.


Specify the extra parameters (as json dictionary) that can be used in Vault connection.

auth_type: Authentication Type for Vault. Default is token. Available values are in (‘approle’, ‘aws_iam’, ‘azure’, ‘github’, ‘gcp’, ‘kubernetes’, ‘ldap’, ‘radius’, ‘token’, ‘userpass’)

auth_mount_point: It can be used to define mount_point for authentication chosen Default depends on the authentication method used.

kv_engine_version: Selects the version of the engine to run (1 or 2, default: 2).

role_id: Role ID for Authentication (for approle, aws_iam auth_types). Deprecated, please use connection login instead

kubernetes_role: Role for Authentication (for kubernetes auth_type).

kubernetes_jwt_path: Path for kubernetes jwt token (for kubernetes auth_type, default: /var/run/secrets/

token_path: path to file containing authentication token to include in requests sent to Vault (for token and github auth_type).

gcp_key_path: Path to Google Cloud Service Account key file (JSON) (for gcp auth_type). Mutually exclusive with gcp_keyfile_dict

gcp_scopes: Comma-separated string containing OAuth2 scopes (for gcp auth_type).

azure_tenant_id: The tenant id for the Azure Active Directory (for azure auth_type).

azure_resource: The configured URL for the application registered in Azure Active Directory (for azure auth_type).

radius_host: Host for radius (for radius auth_type).

radius_port: Port for radius (for radius auth_type).

use_tls: Whether to use https or http protocol for the connection.

Example “extras” field:

  "auth_type": "kubernetes",
  "kubernetes_role": "vault_role",

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