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Checks the status of a dbt Cloud job run.


This class is deprecated.

class*, dbt_cloud_conn_id=DbtCloudHook.default_conn_name, run_id, account_id=None, deferrable=conf.getboolean('operators', 'default_deferrable', fallback=False), **kwargs)[source]

Bases: airflow.sensors.base.BaseSensorOperator

Checks the status of a dbt Cloud job run.

See also

For more information on how to use this sensor, take a look at the guide: Poll for status of a dbt Cloud Job run

  • dbt_cloud_conn_id (str) – The connection identifier for connecting to dbt Cloud.

  • run_id (int) – The job run identifier.

  • account_id (int | None) – The dbt Cloud account identifier.

  • deferrable (bool) – Run sensor in the deferrable mode.

template_fields = ('dbt_cloud_conn_id', 'run_id', 'account_id')[source]

Returns DBT Cloud hook.


Override when deriving this class.


Run the sensor.

Depending on whether deferrable is set, this would either defer to the triggerer or poll for states of the job run, until the job reaches a failure state or success state.

execute_complete(context, event)[source]

Execute when the trigger fires - returns immediately.

This relies on trigger to throw an exception, otherwise it assumes execution was successful.


Implement _on_complete because job_run needs to be triggered first in execute method.


Bases: DbtCloudJobRunSensor

This class is deprecated.

Please use with deferrable=True.

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