Apache HDFS Connection

The Apache HDFS connection type enables connection to Apache HDFS.

Default Connection IDs

HDFS Hook uses parameter hdfs_conn_id for Connection IDs and the value of the parameter as hdfs_default by default. Web HDFS Hook uses parameter webhdfs_conn_id for Connection IDs and the value of the parameter as webhdfs_default by default.

Configuring the Connection


The host to connect to, it can be local, yarn or an URL. For Web HDFS Hook it is possible to specify multiple hosts as a comma-separated list.


Specify the port in case of host be an URL.


Effective user for HDFS operations (non-Kerberized).

Extra (optional, connection parameters)

Specify the extra parameters (as json dictionary) that can be used in HDFS connection. The following parameters out of the standard python parameters are supported:

  • autoconfig - Default value is bool: False. Use snakebite's automatically configured client. This HDFSHook implementation requires snakebite.

  • hdfs_namenode_principal - Specifies the Kerberos principal to use for HDFS.

The following extra parameters can be used to configure SSL for Web HDFS Hook:

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