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Glacier jobs description


Glacier sensor for checking job state. This operator runs only in reschedule mode.


Bases: enum.Enum

Glacier jobs description

IN_PROGRESS = InProgress[source]
SUCCEEDED = Succeeded[source]
class*, aws_conn_id='aws_default', vault_name, job_id, poke_interval=60 * 20, mode='reschedule', **kwargs)[source]

Bases: airflow.sensors.base.BaseSensorOperator

Glacier sensor for checking job state. This operator runs only in reschedule mode.

See also

For more information on how to use this sensor, take a look at the guide: Wait on an Amazon Glacier job state

  • aws_conn_id (str) – The reference to the AWS connection details

  • vault_name (str) – name of Glacier vault on which job is executed

  • job_id (str) – the job ID was returned by retrieve_inventory()

  • poke_interval (int) – Time in seconds that the job should wait in between each tries

  • mode (str) – How the sensor operates. Options are: { poke | reschedule }, default is poke. When set to poke the sensor is taking up a worker slot for its whole execution time and sleeps between pokes. Use this mode if the expected runtime of the sensor is short or if a short poke interval is required. Note that the sensor will hold onto a worker slot and a pool slot for the duration of the sensor’s runtime in this mode. When set to reschedule the sensor task frees the worker slot when the criteria is not yet met and it’s rescheduled at a later time. Use this mode if the time before the criteria is met is expected to be quite long. The poke interval should be more than one minute to prevent too much load on the scheduler.

template_fields :Sequence[str] = ['vault_name', 'job_id'][source]
poke(self, context)[source]

Function that the sensors defined while deriving this class should override.

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