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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
# or more contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file
# distributed with this work for additional information
# regarding copyright ownership.  The ASF licenses this file
# to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the
# "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
# with the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing,
# software distributed under the License is distributed on an
# KIND, either express or implied.  See the License for the
# specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
import sys

from math import pow
from random import randint
from time import sleep

import botocore.exceptions
import botocore.waiter

from airflow.contrib.hooks.aws_hook import AwsHook
from airflow.exceptions import AirflowException
from airflow.models import BaseOperator
from airflow.utils import apply_defaults

[docs]class AWSBatchOperator(BaseOperator): """ Execute a job on AWS Batch Service .. warning: the queue parameter was renamed to job_queue to segregate the internal CeleryExecutor queue from the AWS Batch internal queue. :param job_name: the name for the job that will run on AWS Batch (templated) :type job_name: str :param job_definition: the job definition name on AWS Batch :type job_definition: str :param job_queue: the queue name on AWS Batch :type job_queue: str :param overrides: the same parameter that boto3 will receive on containerOverrides (templated) :type overrides: dict :param array_properties: the same parameter that boto3 will receive on arrayProperties :type array_properties: dict :param parameters: the same parameter that boto3 will receive on parameters (templated) :type parameters: dict :param max_retries: exponential backoff retries while waiter is not merged, 4200 = 48 hours :type max_retries: int :param status_retries: number of retries to get job description (status), 10 :type status_retries: int :param aws_conn_id: connection id of AWS credentials / region name. If None, credential boto3 strategy will be used ( :type aws_conn_id: str :param region_name: region name to use in AWS Hook. Override the region_name in connection (if provided) :type region_name: str """
[docs] MAX_RETRIES = 4200
[docs] STATUS_RETRIES = 10
[docs] ui_color = "#c3dae0"
[docs] client = None
[docs] arn = None
[docs] template_fields = ( "job_name", "overrides", "parameters",
) @apply_defaults def __init__( self, job_name, job_definition, job_queue, overrides, array_properties=None, parameters=None, max_retries=MAX_RETRIES, status_retries=STATUS_RETRIES, aws_conn_id=None, region_name=None, **kwargs ): super(AWSBatchOperator, self).__init__(**kwargs) self.job_name = job_name self.aws_conn_id = aws_conn_id self.region_name = region_name self.job_definition = job_definition self.job_queue = job_queue self.overrides = overrides self.array_properties = array_properties or {} self.parameters = parameters self.max_retries = max_retries self.status_retries = status_retries self.jobId = None # pylint: disable=invalid-name self.jobName = None # pylint: disable=invalid-name self.hook = self.get_hook()
[docs] def execute(self, context): "Running AWS Batch Job - Job definition: %s - on queue %s", self.job_definition, self.job_queue, )"AWSBatchOperator overrides: %s", self.overrides) self.client = self.hook.get_client_type("batch", region_name=self.region_name) try: response = self.client.submit_job( jobName=self.job_name, jobQueue=self.job_queue, jobDefinition=self.job_definition, arrayProperties=self.array_properties, parameters=self.parameters, containerOverrides=self.overrides, )"AWS Batch Job started: %s", response) self.jobId = response["jobId"] self.jobName = response["jobName"] self._wait_for_task_ended() self._check_success_task()"AWS Batch Job has been successfully executed: %s", response) except Exception as e:"AWS Batch Job has failed executed") raise AirflowException(e)
[docs] def _wait_for_task_ended(self): """ Try to use a waiter from the below pull request * If the waiter is not available apply a exponential backoff * """ try: waiter = self.client.get_waiter("job_execution_complete") waiter.config.max_attempts = sys.maxsize # timeout is managed by airflow waiter.wait(jobs=[self.jobId]) except ValueError: self._poll_for_task_ended()
[docs] def _poll_for_task_ended(self): """ Poll for job status * """ # Allow a batch job some time to spin up. A random interval # decreases the chances of exceeding an AWS API throttle # limit when there are many concurrent tasks. pause = randint(5, 30) tries = 0 while tries < self.max_retries: tries += 1 "AWS Batch job (%s) status check (%d of %d) in the next %.2f seconds", self.jobId, tries, self.max_retries, pause, ) sleep(pause) response = self._get_job_description() jobs = response.get("jobs") status = jobs[-1]["status"] # check last job status"AWS Batch job (%s) status: %s", self.jobId, status) # status options: 'SUBMITTED'|'PENDING'|'RUNNABLE'|'STARTING'|'RUNNING'|'SUCCEEDED'|'FAILED' if status in ["SUCCEEDED", "FAILED"]: break pause = 1 + pow(tries * 0.3, 2)
[docs] def _get_job_description(self): """ Get job description * * """ tries = 0 while tries < self.status_retries: tries += 1 try: response = self.client.describe_jobs(jobs=[self.jobId]) # type: ignore if response and response.get("jobs"): return response else: self.log.error("Job description has no jobs (%s): %s", self.jobId, response) except botocore.exceptions.ClientError as err: response = err.response self.log.error("Job description error (%s): %s", self.jobId, response) if tries < self.status_retries: error = response.get("Error", {}) if error.get("Code") == "TooManyRequestsException": pause = randint(1, 10) # avoid excess requests with a random pause "AWS Batch job (%s) status retry (%d of %d) in the next %.2f seconds", self.jobId, tries, self.status_retries, pause, ) sleep(pause) continue msg = "Failed to get job description ({})".format(self.jobId) raise AirflowException(msg)
[docs] def _check_success_task(self): """ Check the final status of the batch job; the job status options are: 'SUBMITTED'|'PENDING'|'RUNNABLE'|'STARTING'|'RUNNING'|'SUCCEEDED'|'FAILED' """ response = self._get_job_description() jobs = response.get("jobs") matching_jobs = [job for job in jobs if job["jobId"] == self.jobId] if not matching_jobs: raise AirflowException( "Job ({}) has no job description {}".format(self.jobId, response) ) job = matching_jobs[0]"AWS Batch stopped, check status: %s", job) job_status = job["status"] if job_status == "FAILED": reason = job["statusReason"] raise AirflowException("Job ({}) failed with status {}".format(self.jobId, reason)) elif job_status in ["SUBMITTED", "PENDING", "RUNNABLE", "STARTING", "RUNNING"]: raise AirflowException( "Job ({}) is still pending {}".format(self.jobId, job_status)
[docs] def get_hook(self): return AwsHook(aws_conn_id=self.aws_conn_id)
[docs] def on_kill(self): response = self.client.terminate_job(jobId=self.jobId, reason="Task killed by the user")

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