Checking Airflow Health Status

To check the health status of your Airflow instance, you can simply access the endpoint /health. It will return a JSON object in which a high-level glance is provided.

    "latest_scheduler_heartbeat":"2018-12-26 17:15:11+00:00"
  • The status of each component can be either “healthy” or “unhealthy”

    • The status of metadatabase depends on whether a valid connection can be initiated with the database

    • The status of scheduler depends on when the latest scheduler heartbeat was received

      • If the last heartbeat was received more than 30 seconds (default value) earlier than the current time, the scheduler is considered unhealthy

      • This threshold value can be specified using the option scheduler_health_check_threshold within the scheduler section in airflow.cfg

Please keep in mind that the HTTP response code of /health endpoint should not be used to determine the health status of the application. The return code is only indicative of the state of the rest call (200 for success).