Documenting local development environment of Apache Airflow

From Sept to November, 2019 I have been participating in a wonderful initiative, Google Season of Docs.

I had a pleasure to contribute to the Apache Airflow open source project as a technical writer. My initial assignment was an extension to the GitHub-based Contribution guide.

From the very first days I have been pretty closely involved into inter-project communications via emails/slack and had regular 1:1s with my mentor, Jarek Potiuk.

I got infected with Jarek’s enthusiasm to ease the on-boarding experience for Airflow contributors. I do share this strategy and did my best to improve the structure, language and DX. As a result, Jarek and I extended the current contributor’s docs and ended up with the Contributing guide navigating the users through the project infrastructure and providing a workflow example based on a real-life use case; the Testing guide with an overview of a complex testing infrastructure for Apache Airflow; and two guides dedicated to the Breeze dev environment and local virtual environment (my initial assignment).

I’m deeply grateful to my mentor and Airflow developers for their feedback, patience and help while I was breaking through new challenges (I’ve never worked on an open source project before), and for their support of all my ideas! I think a key success factor for any contributor is a responsive, supportive and motivated team, and I was lucky to join such a team for 3 months.

Documents I worked on:


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