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# under the License.

[docs]class Secret: """Defines Kubernetes Secret Volume""" def __init__(self, deploy_type, deploy_target, secret, key): """Initialize a Kubernetes Secret Object. Used to track requested secrets from the user. :param deploy_type: The type of secret deploy in Kubernetes, either `env` or `volume` :type deploy_type: ``str`` :param deploy_target: The environment variable when `deploy_type` `env` or file path when `deploy_type` `volume` where expose secret :type deploy_target: ``str`` :param secret: Name of the secrets object in Kubernetes :type secret: ``str`` :param key: Key of the secret within the Kubernetes Secret :type key: ``str`` """ self.deploy_type = deploy_type self.deploy_target = deploy_target.upper() if deploy_type == 'volume': self.deploy_target = deploy_target self.secret = secret self.key = key