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# Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
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# regarding copyright ownership.  The ASF licenses this file
# to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the
# "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
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This is an example dag that performs two refresh operations on a Tableau Workbook aka Extract. The first one
waits until it succeeds. The second does not wait since this is an asynchronous operation and we don't know
when the operation actually finishes. That's why we have another task that checks only that.
from __future__ import annotations

import os
from datetime import datetime, timedelta

from airflow import DAG
from airflow.providers.tableau.operators.tableau import TableauOperator
from airflow.providers.tableau.sensors.tableau import TableauJobStatusSensor

[docs]ENV_ID = os.environ.get("SYSTEM_TESTS_ENV_ID")
[docs]DAG_ID = "example_tableau_refresh_workbook"
with DAG( dag_id="example_tableau", default_args={"site_id": "my_site"}, dagrun_timeout=timedelta(hours=2), schedule=None, start_date=datetime(2021, 1, 1), tags=["example"], ) as dag: # Refreshes a workbook and waits until it succeeds. # [START howto_operator_tableau]
[docs] task_refresh_workbook_blocking = TableauOperator( resource="workbooks", method="refresh", find="MyWorkbook", match_with="name", blocking_refresh=True, task_id="refresh_tableau_workbook_blocking",
) # [END howto_operator_tableau] # Refreshes a workbook and does not wait until it succeeds. task_refresh_workbook_non_blocking = TableauOperator( resource="workbooks", method="refresh", find="MyWorkbook", match_with="name", blocking_refresh=False, task_id="refresh_tableau_workbook_non_blocking", ) # The following task queries the status of the workbook refresh job until it succeeds. task_check_job_status = TableauJobStatusSensor( job_id=task_refresh_workbook_non_blocking.output, task_id="check_tableau_job_status", ) # Task dependency created via XComArgs: # task_refresh_workbook_non_blocking >> task_check_job_status from tests.system.utils import get_test_run # noqa: E402 # Needed to run the example DAG with pytest (see: tests/system/
[docs]test_run = get_test_run(dag)

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